The Jake Kinney Interview

You may know Jake for all his Deity’s web videos that have flown over the Internet this last year or so. If you do, you already know he is a shredder and likes to put style and flow when it comes into riding a bike.

I didn’t want to ask him bicycle related questions only, so I chose other topics like music, life, tattoos and religion.

Hi Jake, for those who still don’t know who you are, could you briefly introduce yourself?

Jake Kinney, 26, from San Diego, CA.

How did you get involved with the bicycle world?

I started riding Moto at a young age, then BMX and after it MTB, which I have stayed with that until now.

What are the things that have changed over all these years?

Ha, kids keep getting better. I really like how bikes are getting even more dialed to keep up with the tricks we are trying.

What is your best memory to date?

Winning my first pro 4X race. It was an awesome day.

What inspires you to ride?

To have fun, challenge myself and ride with my friends.

How would you describe your riding style?

I really love to boost and flow, so I would say smooth? Haha. I also like to find transfers and then trick them.


What do you prefer to ride: Park, Street, Trails or Dirt Jumps?

I prefer Dirt Jumps but I really love to ride everything.

Have you suffered any injuries because of riding?

I have had the typical ankle sprains. The worst was breaking my whole hand one time.

What is the funniest story that has happened to you on a bike?

Wow good question, there are so many. I would say because of my bike I have got to meet so many people that I have always looked up to in a lot of different sports. It always blows my mind.

Do you train, follow a specific program or work out on a gym?

When I raced I had a pretty sticky program, but now with jumping, I mainly ride, stay healthy and I do go to the gym and try to stay in shape. Eat good and have fun is the best way to progress and stay healthy.

What do you do for a living?

I am the MTB director for Woodward West.

How does someone become the Woodward West MTB director?

By getting involved with the industry and being a positive role model you can achieve any goals you want.


What are your thoughts on the bicycle industry?

It has its ups and downs but at the end of the day we make what we do possible.

You filmed a bunch of web videos last year instead of riding contests, right?

Yes, there was not too many contests in the States last year and I had some busy times at Woodward. I love shooting videos and photos although, I still will enter a contest.

What are your plans for this year?

This year I have some big edits in the works, do some contests, put in a great summer at Woodward West and some special features that will be shown throughout the year.

What places would you like to visit?

I love Colorado, Santa Cruz, and Canada but I have always wanted to come over and ride in Spain.


Do you listen to heavy music as Hardcore, Metalcore or Death Metal?

I listen to a lot of Hardcore.

What is the best show or festival that you have ever been to?

Oh dang! So many good ones… I would say any For Today show. I really love Terror and have seen them 12 times.

Choose one of these activities to do: Mosh, Headbang, a Circle Pit, Crowdsurfing or a Wall of Death.

Mosh and Circle pit. Also grab the mic and sing along.

What is on your iPod?

A lot of Hardcore, Christian rap, Worship music and some random stuff.

Do you have a favorite band? Which one and why?

I would say For Today. Their lyrics are amazing and very real talk. They are a christian band but play with all types of hardcore bands.

Top 3 albums of all time.

For Today – All of them.

Champion – Promises Kept.

Light Your Anchor – Hopesick.


I have read that you are Straight Edge, which is a thing that I respect a lot, and as far as I know you have never smoked or drunk alcohol.

I really love when people respect other people life choices. Yes, I have never smoked or drunk and I got into Straight Edge when I was about 16.

What advice would you give to all those kids who do that and think they are cool by getting high and wasted?

I would really say be careful with what life choose you do. Even If people say it is just a phase well, that phase can really put you in a bad situation. Make sure you have real friends. Love life because you only have one.

What made you interested in tattoos?

I really love tattoo artwork and the way they are placed on the body.

Which was the most painful one?

I would say the side of my hands and chest.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about getting tattooed?

Make sure it is really something you want and enjoy.


Have you seen a change in the way people treat you because of your tattoos?

Actually I get a lot of people always asking me about tattoos and what they mean. A lot of people say they like the colors and I feel I still get the same respect. If you choose to get tattoos and want to look tough, then you will get treated different. I get more people asking If my face piercing hurt, haha.

How does God influence your life?

Well he gave me life. I have always know about God but when I was 18 I gave my life to Christ and I have seen the change and work he has done. Without him, I would really not be at Woodward and be able to ride my bike everyday and enjoy the life I am living.

Would you like to thank anyone?

Well, thank you guys for taking the time to do this. I want to thank my parents, family and close friends. My girlfriend Sarah she is amazing. Eric and Sadie at Deity Bikes and Chad at Index Ink, they both have helped me to get where I am today and I love riding my bike with their support. Praise the Lord for this life and always have fun.

Thank you for your time Jake, it has been an interesting read.

This was a blast, thank you so much for this, by far the best interview I have ever done, you rock.

I appreciate it a lot, keep having fun on your bike, listening to Hardcore music and anything else that makes you happy.

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Photos by Matt Lingo, Eric Johnson & Andrew Villablanca

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