FYI – Nick Tingren

All I knew before this little interview was that he was good on a bike and had a dialed style, but now after reading his words, I found out that Nick apparently likes aliens, works as an arborist and used to skate.

That was an interesting read.

Check it out.

Introduce yourself.

My name is Nick Tingren, I am 21 from North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

What do you do for a living?

I am currently working to become an arborist at a tree service company.

How did you get involved with bicycles?

When I was like 16 I used to ride skateboards at a local park and I would always trade with other dudes to ride their bikes and eventually bought my own when I was 17.


What is your best memory to date?

Too many to count, a good one was at Wolf Mansion (RIP) for the Raptor party a few years back, way too many good times at that house.

Are there any riders or things that inspire you and keep you motivated?

Clint Reynolds and Tom Robinson would be a start, those dudes are just awesome when it comes to earning it with digging and being insanely smooth with riding.

Could you describe your riding style in five words?

I might be an alien.


Have you suffered any injuries because of riding? What does your family think about that?

I have had broken ribs, arm, semi separated shoulder, multiple concussions, broken fingers, rolled ankles and shinned myself way too many times. My family tries to tell me to quit and find something else.

Is there something that scares you and nobody else knows?

Not really, if I’m scared to do something, most of the time people know it. I mean, the first 360 downside whips of the day scare me but otherwise not so much.

If you had to choose one of these three things, what would it be?

1. Getting a cover of a famous mountain-bike magazine.

2. Winning a well-known contest.

3. Filming a full-length video part with the best film-makers.

Cover shot on BIKE mag would be insane but being in a full-length video part would be a dream come true.


What are your thoughts on the bicycle industry?

My view of the MTB industry are pretty basic, I love the companies I deal with for the reason that I know and have met face to face with them. Not just some marketing dude in another country that I will never meet. When it comes to sponsorship within the industry I think it’s a joke, plain and simple. I have ridden for teams that have 50 kids getting deals or hooked up a little bit by companies that are claiming it as “sponsored”, when it’s like no kid you got a hook up and maybe flowed some free shit but in no way would I consider them “sponsored”. To me MTB needs to cut down on these “grassroots” programs and focus on trying to make the riders that do give your company its creditability and image some help cause at the end of the day they are the people that the kids are going to look up to. For that reason, only do I consider myself an Amateur MTB rider, not a professional. Read more.

What are your plans for next year?

Film a lot more web videos and maybe hit a few contests but try to focus more on media.

What places would you like to visit?

Pennsylvania, Austin, New Zealand, UK, Spain, and Sweden.


Tell us your current set-up.

I run a Chromag Monk frame, Chromag Fu40’s cut to just over 28″, Elixir 3 brake, Chromag Scarab pedals, Rockshox Argyle lowered to 90mm, Chromag Wheels on Hope Pro 2’s, an Overture seat with about 4″ of seat post and 175mm RaceFace cranks.

If there is anyone that you would like to thank or say anything to them, now it’s your time.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my sponsors Ian, Julian and Reece at Chromag, you guys kill it, Rob at Cariboo Brewing for always having the hook up, Josh at Dissent Labs for keeping my feet warm and Monica at Ryders Eyewear for keeping my goggles fresh!

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Photos by Wink Grant & Bryce Piwek

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