In Perspective – Carlos Langelaan

In Perspective

Carlos Langelaan talks about racing, trail riding, and social media as he puts his season in perspective.

photos: H├ęctor Saura

To be honest, I had no expectations for this year at all, and it turned out to be the best one yet.
It started with the opportunity of being a part of the new Giro Tyrant helmet campaign alongside the 50to01 guys and Veronique Sandler. I really enjoyed those days, riding and shooting with them here in Barcelona.
Then I raced at a few European DH World Cups, and although I didn't qualify, I am just happy to be there riding the same track as the pros.
There is nothing like the feeling you get when you are standing on the start gate and adrenaline kicks in as soon as you drop in.
Compared to previous years, I have also participated in a lot more Enduro races.
I finished 5th at National Champs and won a few other local races, but rather than looking for results, I looked for more time on the bike at different tracks.
In the end, that is what you get with that racing format, and I think is really fun.
Another highlight of the season was the trip to England in July to ride at the 50to01 bowl jam invitational at Revolution bike park. I can't thank those guys enough for letting me be a part of the event and for helping me out to make the trip happen.
Aggressive trail riding is growing up fast. Dirt jumpers, BMXers, and even trial riders are getting into that kind of riding style and to me, that is awesome, because it means that eventually, we will have more places to ride and more people to go ride with.
On the other hand, I think social media is destroying what real mountain biking is. In my opinion, a lot of riders are too concerned about getting exposure and likes, going out for a ride just to get clips in the hope to become viral. It is sad to say but it looks like nowadays if you don't have 1k likes per post, you are not a good rider.
In my spare time between working hours at the local bike shop, I have been training and riding as much as possible to pursue my dream of doing well in racing.
For the first time next year, I really want to give it a try at the European races of the EWS as well as to keep trying to qualify at the DH World Cups.
It is going to be tough, but I will do my best to keep it fun.