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Bicycle Nightmares is a media outlet unlike any other. It’s mountain biking through the eyes of visionary Héctor Saura, a core rider whose stoke for mountain biking is infectious, and also a world-class photographer.
The bond between Giro and Bicycle Nightmares is rooted in a shared understanding of the need to shed light on an underserved niche within mountain biking. It’s aggressive trail riding influenced by dirt jumping, focused on style and flow over pure speed. Its aesthetic is defined more by what it is not, than what it is.
— Dain Zaffke, director of marketing, Giro Sport Design
For as long as I can remember Giro has been a company known for collaborating with artists and athletes. They were involved in the freeride scene since the beginning, and I have always thought that it would be cool to do something together one day.
It’s a brand that is trusted and loved because they combine the latest technologies with subtle designs, care and attention to detail—that is something very important to me at Bicycle Nightmares.
— Héctor Saura, founder & creative director, Bicycle Nightmares
giro x bicycle nightmares helmet


As the new Tyrant helmet took shape, we proposed to Giro to make a limited-edition Bicycle Nightmares version of it. We chose a gloss black finish for the outer shell, paired with chrome logos and low-contrast pin lines.
The ear pads are made of leather, and the inner pads feature heavy metal inspired artwork. It’s a premium and exclusive helmet that stands out without screaming “look at me!”.
giro x bicycle nightmares goggles


The lens uses VIVID technology—developed by Giro in partnership with ZEISS® Optics—that improves the visual experience by enhancing contrast and definition.
The strap features low-contrast heavy metal artwork and a black silicon logo that can also be found on the jersey. The mask has a gloss finish, which blends in with the overall helmet design.
giro x bicycle nightmares jersey


Instead of treating the space as a billboard, we paired minimal branding with low-contrast (but bold) heavy metal artwork that can be seen on both sides of the jersey.
The Giro and Bicycle Nightmares logos are separated on the arms and then unified on the chest, making the foundation of this collection.
giro x bicycle nightmares gloves


These gloves were made specifically for this collection. Constructed using the upper part of the DND, the palm of the Rivet II, and the leather and tag of the LX LF glove.
The stitched BN lettering on the pull tabs of the palm is hand-written by Héctor and the X on the tag represents the bond between the two brands.
giro x bicycle nightmares t-shirt


It’s a reinterpretation of a heavy metal band’s t-shirt. The lettering is from Héctor’s younger brother Bulok, and the main illustration from San Francisco-based artist Andrei Bouzikov—who has previously worked for bands like Skeletonwitch and Morbid Angel.
The artwork is also featured on the inner pads of the helmet, both sides of the jersey, and the goggles‘ strap.
giro x bicycle nightmares sock


The X’s are tattooed on Héctor’s fingers and symbolize the Straight Edge philosophy, which originated from hardcore punk; its followers abstain from alcohol and other drugs—something that Héctor strongly believes in.
giro logo