Summer Reminiscing – Dennis Langenstam

Adison MacDonald has been shooting film for a while now and we really dig his photo style, so when he proposed to do a gallery with Dennis Langenstam around Whistler, it was a no brainer for us.

that day-25
“Working part time at the Airdome was perfect for me to keep me rolling.” – Dennis Langenstam
that day-31
Playing a bit of bike dice. Dennis has this place on lock, anything the block of foam rolls, he’s got it.
that day-27
Pocket Air.
that day-33
If you’ve ever been to the Airdome you should know that what Dennis is airing right now is the drop in.
BN Exported
Starting the day off right with a gondola ride to the top.
BN Exported-8
Den Loc cranking out a dialed whip on Crabhits.

BN Exported-2

BN Exported-3
Suicides on first run. Why not?
BN Exported-4
Dennis taking a breather while I put a fresh roll of film in and I get my shit together.
BN Exported-6
I’m sorry Bill [Hawley], but this angle is way too cool. I couldn’t resist.
“I had a blast riding the Whistler bike park this past summer. I mainly rode my big bike because it was my first year having one. I always love learning new things so that’s all I wanted to do. It was a whole new experience for me. I can’t thank Brandon enough for having me over and work for this bike. I can’t wait for the summer to come and get right back into it!.” – Dennis Langenstam

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Photos by Adison MacDonald


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