Ruido feat. Tomas Lemoine

Ruido is our new music feature, where we ask different individuals from our scene to put together a playlist with ten of their favorite songs and explain why they picked each, giving us an insight into their minds when there’s noise.

Our first guest is none other than the rider, rapper, and artist Tomas Lemoine.

  1. Nirvana – Tourette’s: I love the energy on that song; probably one of my favorites from Nirvana.
  2. Lil Peep – IDGAF: He’s my favorite artist of all time, I think. He helped me in some ways to be where I am today (laughs). The message in this song reminds me to just do me without thinking about what people would think about it.
  3. Mazzy Star – Fade Into You: This song feels like a cloud to me. I’d listen to it in any peaceful circumstance or place.
  4. Juice WRLD – You Wouldn’t Understand: I listen to a lot of Juice when I’m riding or just living life. One of my favorite songs from him, but I couldn’t say why (laughs), maybe because of the “Imma live my life like it’s my last days.” as it reminds me that life’s short and I gotta do my shit right now!
  5. LANDMVRKS – Lost in a Wave: This is a band I met and got to know in 2023 from Marseille, my city. I really like what they produce, and this song makes me go “SEND MODE.”
  6. The Offspring – Neocon: This is the intro of the oldest CD I can remember listening to with my dad while in the car to go ride bikes when I was 5. It’s the beginning of everything. I remember the best shared moments with my dad and singing lyrics we didn’t understand at that time (laughs). This album is one of my all-time favorites.
  7. Mungo’s HI FI feat. Pupajim – Bike Rider: For the lyrics and, of course, the vibe; Peace & bikes.
  8. XXXTENTACION – STARING AT THE SKY: I love XXXTENTACION for his art and the way he made music. Staring at the sky is a good thing to do.
  9. DUP46 – MODE GUELLO: DUP is my homie from Marseille, a Street BMX rider and old-school hip-hop rapper. He’s super underground, and I love making music with him. This is one of my favorites from him. @_mattrial – watch him ride his BMX, too!
  10. Martina Camargo – Me Robaste El Sueño – Tambora: I really like the Spanish language as my girlfriend has a Spanish family. This is the kinda song I need to listen to when I overdose on rap or rock (laughs).

Playlist also available on YouTube.