Bike Check: Oneofone

Bike Check: Oneofone


Klaus Bechtle is a carpenter by trade and the main builder behind S Trails 2.0, a private DJ spot in Ulm, Germany. Thanks to his experience working with wood and knowledge of materials, he’s made a couple of carbon fiber frames for himself and his son, Nik Bechtle.

“My dad wanted to build a light, stable, and perfectly fitted frame for me, and the only material he’s able to build a frame with is carbon fiber.” The geometry is based on a large Radon frame, deviating only one dimension, but its shape is self-designed. While there isn’t an actual brand name behind the frames, they like to call them Oneofone, as they’re the only existing ones in the world.

There haven’t been any prototypes. Klaus is, in fact, still riding with the first one he built more than five years ago, and Nik is on his second frame, but not because his first one broke, “I rode with my old one for two years, and I’ve never had any problems. I just wanted a different paint job, so instead of ruining it and getting it painted again, my dad made me a new one.”

This time, Nik got involved in the decision-making process, “To have a hydraulic rotor was a must, and I also wanted a well-functioning and invisible crank stopper. The decision of routing the cable internally was made to get an even cleaner look.” Another detail is that the frame has a fixed seat post at Nik’s height request, enough for him to grab the seat when doing barspins or other tricks. The total weight, painted, is 1.880 grams, but that’s not a compromise, “The frame itself is super stiff and puts up nicely with my riding style.”

When we asked them if they would consider starting selling the frames, this is what they said, “We make the frames only for ourselves, and it wouldn’t be worth it to sell them because making them is an incredible amount of work.”

Even though we’re big fans of frames made of steel, especially for dirt jumping, there is no denying that Klaus has made his son Nik one of the most unique and clean-looking custom DJ frames in the world.