No Future – Héctor Saura

I started Bicycle Nightmares four years ago because I wanted to create an outlet with exclusive and quality content, to express myself in a different way through photography. I never thought about being a photographer because I have always been a mountain bike rider, but somehow, I guess that after all my injuries, I picked up a camera and started shooting.”

“I hope my work inspires others to go out there and shoot, ride bikes and have fun. Basically do stuff differently without trying to be like everyone else.”

“I have spent a lot of time, money and effort traveling around the world documenting the industry-forgotten Freestyle scene and building Bicycle Nightmares into what it is today, all on my own. Sometimes, it can get rough, to the point where I am not sure if I should be doing what I am doing, or why I am doing it.”

“But after seeing how stoked people are once they see my work, or being able to look back at everything I have done in the form of a photo or book, or thinking on all the places that I have been and ridden, the people that I have met, and most importantly, the friends that I have made, makes it all worth it. I live for this. The flame is still burning and there is nothing that I would rather do right now.”

Héctor Saura

Click here and check out a BTS gallery of the No Future photo exhibition in Barcelona, Spain last December.

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Directed by Pol A. Foguet & Ot Boqué
Produced by Héctor Saura Bicycle Nightmares
Cinematography – Ot Boqué
DP – Pol A. Foguet
Editing/Color – Pol A. Foguet
Photography – Pol A. Foguet
Music – ‘Don’t Bother They’re Here’ by Stars Of The Lid

Copyright: The images may not be used; distributed; copied; printed; published; or displayed without the prior written permission of the Photographer (Pol A. Foguet). If you are interested in one of these images, please contact us.