Love For Dirt: Attila Sebesteny

Love For Dirt – Attila Sebesteny

photos: héctor saura & Timo lucas

Introduce yourself:

Attila Sebesteny, 24 years old from Ziegelei Trails, Germany.

Why do you dig?

There are many reasons why I grab a shovel, and they change over time. It’s part of my personality to create and sculpt and see how the vision becomes reality. Right now, one of the strongest reasons is that I am trying to inspire other builders in our scene to think outside the box and step up their shapes and features.

© Héctor Saura

What’s the best and worst part about digging?

The best thing is the whole process itself. From the beginning of the vision till the end, when you are testing features. It’s a hell of a ride. And the worst part about digging for me is the noise that comes with it–all the talking with people who are motivated or not. It’s annoying sometimes, but you must go through it and stay passionate.

What keeps you motivated or inspires you to build?

Traveling helps a lot. I think riding different shapes and seeing other spots is the best thing you can do to get inspired. You come home and see things differently.

© Timo Lucas
© Timo Lucas

How do you approach building a new set of jumps, a line, or a feature? Is there anything specific that you look for when building?

There are many things that I am looking particularly into before I even grab a shovel, maybe too many to fill in this article (laughs). Initially, I envision what kind of feeling I want to create for the rider when going through a line. After that, the measuring starts to set up the dimensions correctly. Then I like to set up the foundations for the build itself, 2 meters high max. before Christmas. By Spring, when the time is right, and the frost is gone… I do the upper parts.

How would your dream line or trail be?

My dream line is nearly done. Come to my place and put tires on TREND Line.

© Timo Lucas

What’s your favorite kind of jump, line, or feature to ride?

It’s hard to say… There are a lot of good shapes out there. I like the stuff from Michael Hanfler from Cologne and Martin Prague a lot. There’s no getting around the guys from the UK as well. My big line probably should also be in the front row (laughs).

Have you ever suffered any injuries (back problems, etc.) because of digging? Do you do something to prevent them?

Luckily, I don’t have any related problems because of the game. My advice: do some swimming.

How much time do you spend digging vs riding?

Probably a good 5:1.

© Héctor Saura
© Héctor Saura
© Timo Lucas

Do you think knowing how to dig properly is as important as knowing how to ride?

Just imagine a world where nobody has ever grabbed a shovel. 

Advice for those who want to build a dirt jump line or wish to have a spot to ride:

Go to the best trail spots you can get to and talk to the locals nicely; ask people who are already good in the game and listen and learn from them.