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Woodward West is a dream place for every kid that either rides a mountain bike or a BMX bike. Not only for kids, but for all bike enthusiasts. Located about 15 miles from Tehachapi and 2 hours north of Los Angeles, the Woodward West summer camp offers you the ultimate action-sports facilities to progress as a rider and learn hand by hand with visiting pro riders from all over the world.


The MTB program provides you daily instruction, rotating throughout the week to all of the parks, trails and dirt jumps, grouped with campers of your same general skill level.

Then, after the instruction, you are free for the whole day to work on what you have learnt, ride with your friends and participate in the weekly contests that go down at camp.

Eventually, you get tired and, after all, it’s not all about riding, so Woodward West has plenty of camp activities to keep you entertained such as bowling, archery, arts and crafts, rock climbing, swimming, tennis and more.

At the end of each week, when camp ends, campers get to choose a bunch of free stuff such as grips, parts, clothes or stickers from the sponsors, and take it home with them.



All MTB campers, before going into the trails, warm up in the Roaster Coaster, which is a pump track, but not like the ones that you are used to or ridden before. It was designed by Mike Saavedra and the rest of his trail crew, and it features the volcano, the coffin and the scrub, that makes it very unique and really fun.

Once that everyone is warmed up, and the jumps maintenance by the trail crew is finished, it is time for the Trails Jam, which it happens everyday at 7.30pm, after the sun sets.


The Dirt Jumps are composed by three lines for every level of riding. Tables, for beginners, Love Line, technical and smooth, and LAVS, long and very scary.

Invited visiting Pros come to shred the jumps with the kids while the media guys take photos or film, and Woodward staff members and gym campers watch the action. Even if you are riding or not, you will have a good time, particularly on Mondays, when everyone is eating s’mores by the campfire.

But there is still much more stuff to do, the day does not end here. You can still ride the Roaster Coaster, the Junction, the Crater and the Hangar under the lights until 10pm each night, time when you will return to cabin and prepare for the next day of bikes and fun with your friends at Woodward West.


“Camp is a fun time on your bike to grow as a rider and to meet new friends. Being able to ride the best facilities in the world you can enjoy the progression and growth of your riding. Getting to meet top pros, awesome instructors and new friends is a life experience that you will never forget.” – Jake Kinney, Woodward West MTB director.

If you want to know more about Woodward West, click here.

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