In Good Company

“In Good Company”
Presented by Haro Bicycles
Produced by Nightmares & Sons
Directors: Erik Guinez
Camera/Edit/Grips: Erik Guinez
Assistant camera 1: Oscar Mendoza
Assistant camera 2: Alex Oriach
Runner: Alex Lopez
Still photography: Héctor Saura
Riders: Cristian Rodriguez & Adri Lopez

It’s cool to see Haro coming back to the big wheel scene with a Dirt Jump project, and we feel honored that they reached out to us to help bring their all-new Steel Reserve to life through our visual style.

Having complete creative freedom, Erik and I focused on showcasing the experience of Dirt Jumping in good company and the lifestyle surrounding it.

The riders we picked were Cristian Rodriguez, one of the founding diggers of legendary spot Lloret Trails, and Adri Lopez, a mechanic at one of the best local bike shops. Both are great guys who are positively well-connected with the local riding scene, so they were the right fit in our eyes for this project.

As for the spot, we shot in La Floresta, a unique place behind the hills of Barcelona run by Aleix, a very passionate guy, and a few other locals who are some of the most friendly diggers around.

We also tried to shoot in Lloret, but unfortunately, the weather didn’t cooperate with our plans, so we’ll save that location for another time.

As far as the bikes go, Cristian and Adri were a bit reluctant about the frame shape at first, but the more they looked at it and rode with it, the more they started to like it.

Out of the box, they barely changed any parts, and both were greatly impressed by the bikes’ riding feeling. Haro’s done a good job compared to the previous model, and it’ll be interesting to see their new lineup of mountain bikes.

Words: Héctor Saura, founder + creative director of Bicycle Nightmares