FYI – Tom Hall

This is Tom from Australia. He likes trails and prefers to ride with style over doing tricks on his bike. He is also a nice guy.

If you want to know more about him, just read the whole interview below.

Introduce yourself.

Hola! I’m Tom Hall from Adelaide, South Australia.

What do you do for a living?

I’m an electrician but it got too boring so now I work in a bar.

How did you get involved with bicycles?

I always rode bikes and skated while I was growing up, then around age 17, I stopped and a year or so later I borrowed one of my best mates bikes and fell in love again. Safe to say Sam never got that bike back.

What is your best memory to date?

There are way too many, but I would have to say spending a month in Spain with my mate Ricky, drinking Estrella and riding every day would have to be up there.

What does riding a bicycle mean for you?

Riding is what I look forward to everyday, it’s an outlet that lets me express myself and feel really comfortable doing so. You get to meet so many awesome friends and there is always such a positive vibe when you’re hanging out with a group of like-minded people.


Who do you ride with?

Anyone who is keen really, but the main people would be Brad Trembath, Callum Rodgers, Nigel Jordan and both the Gus’s. Australia has a small scene but we’re all pretty tight.

Are there any riders or things that inspire you and keep you motivated?

Andreu Lacondeguy is the best in my books. He goes huge and keeps it simple while looking so smooth, which gets me really amped. Riding with Ryan Lloyd always gets me pumped because the guy is just so crazy on a bike and always super pumped on life. Pretty much any big waves surfer gets me super excited as well, what those guys are doing is really amazing and after watching them charge 50ft+ waves I always feel like I can ride that bit harder.

Could you describe your riding style in five words?

Always pulling back hard.

Have you suffered any injuries because of riding?

I’ve done shoulder’s and wrist’s and a few concussions but I’ve been really lucky overall.

What does your family think about that?

They’ve just kind of accepted the risks because they know I’m not going to stop riding anytime soon.

Is there something that scares you and nobody else knows?

I’m heaps scared of amusement park rides.


If you had to choose one of these three things, what would it be?

1. Getting a cover of a mountain-bike magazine.

2. Winning a well-known contest.

3. Filming a full-length video part.

I always have a fun time shooting photos with my mate Kane Naaraat, so I’d probably say the cover.

What are your plans for this year?

Ride as much as I can, shoot lots of cool photos and save up all my pennies so I can go on another awesome trip to Europe next year!

What places would you like to visit?

I want to see a lot more of Europe, then all over the U.S. and I would love to spend some time in Africa.

Tell us your current set-up.

I’m lucky enough to ride for Deity Components so I run their Cryptkeeper frame, Cavity stem, Top Soil bars, Vendetta cranks, Termite sprocket, Decoy pedals and the i-Beam post with the Divot seat. 36’s up the front and 2 wheels to make her roll.


Top 5 videos of all time.

Chase Hawk’s section in Bad Idea; Jimmy Pratt’s edit for Dirt Magazine; NWD Series, counts as 1; Lacon De Catalonia; Riding Giants.

Top 5 riders of all time.

Andreu Lacondeguy, Jimmy Pratt, Ryan Howard, Chase Hawk and Mike Aitken.

If there is anyone that you would like to thank or say anything to them, now it’s your time.

Yeah I’d like to say thanks to Eric, the man behind Deity Components for all his support, you make the best dirt jump bike in the game and riding it always gets me stoked. Everyone who I ride with, and Nigel and Callum for making City Dirt the place it is today!

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Photos by Héctor Saura

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