FYI – Kyle Jameson


Introduce yourself.
My name is Kyle Jameson. I’m 27 years old, from Sacramento, CA living in Aptos, CA.

What do you do for a living?
I build mountain bike jumps and trails for movies and cities, coach mountain bike camps, and ride professionally.

How did you get involved with bicycles?
In 1998 one of my buddies took me to Tahoe on a family trip and we rented mountain bikes. I was hooked from then on.

What is your best memory to date?
That’s a hard one. Anytime I’m with the Fest Series boys and we are shredding in a train on some massive jumps.


What does riding a bicycle mean for you?
Riding bicycles to me is an escape from reality. It is work, my way of life, my way of expressing myself.

Who do you ride with?
I mainly ride with Ryan Howard, Tyler Mccaul, Ian Collins and the Fest Series crew.

Are there any riders or things that inspire you and keep you motivated?
Brandon Semenuk. His riding is so timeless and his style is on point. I’m hugely inspired by him and the way that he can make his dreams a reality.

Could you describe your riding style in five words?
Flow. Calculated. Super lazy. Fun. Fast.

Have you suffered any injuries because of riding?
Yes… It comes with the territory of jumping bikes.

What does your family think about that?
My mom and my step dad are super happy and proud of me for sticking with my childhood passion.



Is there something that scares you and nobody else knows?
I get scared of highs and clowns.

If you had to choose one of these three things, what would it be?
1. Getting a cover of a mountain-bike magazine.
2. Winning a well-known contest.
3. Filming a full-lenght video part.

I would chose to film a full-length video part.

What are your thoughts on the bicycle industry?
I think that the bicycle industry is a confused child (laughs), still trying to figure out where is going. The bikes are so expensive that the target market is rich people that don’t want to send it, but there’s a huge following of people that can’t really afford the bikes but love to send it. It’s like skating man, everything will pan out.

What are your plans for next year?
I want to film a couple personal edits, host CruzFest again and also ride in all the Fest stops.

What places would you like to visit?
Bali, Thailand & the Gobi Desert.


Tell us your current set-up.
My favorite bike right now: Scott Gambler 710 frame with a RockShox BoXXer World Cup fork and Vivid Coil (w/ custom shiming) shock, Chromag components from head to toe, Avid Code breaks, SRAM XO drivetrain and cranks, and Hope Tech wheels and hubs to top it off.

Top 5 riders of all time.
Brandon Semenuk, Cam Zink, Ryan Howard, Kirt Vories and Andreu Lacondeguy.

Top 5 videos of all time.
Highways, all the New World Disorder & Anthill movies, Superheros and Revel In The Chaos.

If there is anyone that you would like to thank or say anything to them, now it’s your time.
I would like to thank my mom and friends for all of their support along the way, and also would like to thank Scott USA, Troy Lee Designs, Chromag, Hope Tech, FiveTen, CP Gang and the Fest Series.

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Photos by Toby Cowley


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