FYI – Carlos Langelaan

Carlos is a 16 year-old kid from Madrid, but 4 years ago he moved with his mom to Premia de Dalt, Barcelona to ride his bike. He is the most stylish and talented rider of Spain that you will ever see.

He does not only rides trails and dirt jumps, but downhill and enduro as well. He recently won the AM Happy Ride Weekend Dirt Jump contest and the Spanish Downhill Championships in his division.

You will see more of him soon… But for now, you can read his interview below.


Introduce yourself.

My name is Carlos Langelaan, I am 16 years old, I live in Premiá de Dalt, Barcelona and I have been riding since 2010.

What do you do for a living?

I finished secondary school last June, but unfortunately, I was not able to enter on a Restaurant & Catering school this year, so what I am doing is riding my bike everyday.

How did you get involved with bicycles?

A friend of mine bought a BMX, he let me try it and I like it, so I ended up buying one. Then I discovered that it was just more than just pedaling around.

What is your best memory to date?

I have a bunch of good memories… But I guess that the week before the Happy Ride Weekend it is a really good one, when I was riding with everyone and having fun, as well as having the opportunity to meet Jake Kinney.



What does riding a bicycle mean for you?

It is a lifestyle, I know that everyone says the same, but it is true. There is not a single day that I do not grab my bike and go for a ride. It is a necessity, like eating or sleeping.

Who do you ride with?

I ride with all the locals from La Poma, and everyone that comes by to have a session. But there is times, where I like to go to the mountains on my own with my enduro bike.

Are there any riders or things that inspire you and keep you motivated?

I try to create my own style, but I definitely get inspired by my idols.

Could you describe your riding style in five words?

Steezy. Smooth. Fun. Constant. Relaxed.


Have you suffered any injuries because of riding?

I broke my tibia, near my knee joint, and had to get surgery. And also, I have broken my collarbone and radius.

What does your family think about that?

My mom is very supportive, even though she knows the risks of the sport, she is still there.

Is there something that scares you and nobody else knows?

I do not think so… Maybe injuries.

If you had to choose one of these three things, what would it be?

1. Getting a cover of a mountain-bike magazine.

2. Winning a well-known contest.

3. Filming a full-length video part.

Number 3 without a doubt. Even though filming can be stressful sometimes, watching the final cut after all the work that you have put into it, makes it really worth it.



What are your plans for 2015?

To progress and have fun with my bike is the main point. Besides that, everything else is secondary. We will see…

What places would you like to visit?

California and Whistler. I need to go at least once in my life.

Tell us your current set-up.

Octane One frame, Rock Shock Argyle RCT fork, Sensus Grips and Mavic wheels.

Top 5 riders of all time.

Brandon Semenuk. Brett Rheeder. Wink Grant. Bobby Lamirande. Dennis Langenstam.

Top 5 videos of all time.

NWD 8. Rad Company. Arrival. Strength In Numbers. From The Inside Out.

If there is anyone that you would like to thank or say anything to them, now it’s your time.

I want to thank Héctor Saura for all his support, as well as my mom, and to all my friends because riding is even better with them.


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Photos by Héctor Saura


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