Frihet – Simon Johansson

“frihet” starring Simon Johansson
Presented by Bicycle Nightmares
Produced by Nightmares & Sons
Director: Héctor Saura
Co-director: Ot Boqué
Cinematography/edit: Ot Boqué
Assistant camera: Ektar Olson
Sound design: Jason Chiodo (Racketsound)
Still photography: Héctor Saura

“Frihet” means “Freedom” in Swedish, and that’s Simon’s answer to the question, “What do you feel when you ride?”.

Riding gives Simon the chance to express himself and be creative, and when he rides, there’s nothing else that matters.

“It’s like time stands still.”

“It’s one of the few moments where I can feel calm and really focus.”

He gets a similar feeling when listening to music and playing the guitar.

“I can let go of all thoughts and everything else around me. I touch the strings and feel the flow as I get in the groove.”

For Simon, that’s freedom, too.