Bike Check: Evil Faction II

An inside look at Héctor Saura‘s custom built Evil Faction II.

Steel is real and the devil is in the details. I like how raw and authentic this frame looks. It has a old-school vibe that I think its pretty cool. One thing that stood out for me when I got it out of the box was that it came out with no stickers on it, the stickers were on a sheet of paper. Evil lets you choose wether to ride it with stickers or not, customize it how you want it. That is not common for a bicycle company, where usually the frame is covered with colorful logos and ugly designs. But Evil is not like any other company. That is something cool for those who don’t want to ride in one of those kind of frames.

I have said it before, but I will say it again: Sensus are the best grips on the planet. So simple yet so good. Cam Zink knows, not only about grips, but handlebars too. His signature CZ38 from Deity is the best bar I have ever ridden, so I couldn’t help but take it off my old bike and put it on this bike, paired with a 40mm Truvativ Descendant stem, it makes a really good cockpit. The brake is a SRAM Level Ultimate, intended for XC, but perfect for DJ.

I got this prototype non-disk hub from Fanfare a year ago and it still spins as smooth and fast as the first day. I really like the design, it is different from other hubs, and it is inspired by old-school race car wheels, so I think that is pretty cool.

The fork is a Pike DJ from RockShox, and it is my first ever Pike. I remember that I wanted one back in 2007, when I started dirt jumping, but I never got the chance to get one, so unfortunately I had to keep riding and breaking Marzocchi’s and Manitou’s.  A few years back I bought a 2006 FOX 36 and rode with it  for a while. It was a good fork, but the Pike DJ that I use now is better. I can’t remember how many tokens I run inside… Maybe 3, with 160psi and 5 clicks from open. I used to ride forks with a lot of air that almost felt like rigid forks, but now the feel that I get on the jumps with this setting is very good, being stiff enough to let me pop on the lips and slightly soft to absorb hard landings when things go wrong.

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Words + Photos by Héctor Saura


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