Dust In The Wind – Carson Storch & Brendan Howey

A few weeks ago, our good friend and contributing photographer Toby Cowley escaped from Whistler, BC to visit Carson Storch at his home turf in Bend, OR accompanied by Brendan Howey.

The following images describe the time that these three individuals had over the course of a weekend riding bikes and shooting guns.


“We went to Bend to change up the scene and find some good evening light. Carson is a well-known local shredder and he was happy to ride and show us around.” – BH






“The idea to visit Bend came up in the spring when Howey and I were shooting on the coast. We wanted to go somewhere different that we knew would have a good riding scene and would hopefully result in some shots we were both stoked on. Howey reached out to Carson and we lined up a little 3-day road trip from BC down to Oregon for the end of June. It was really rad to to have Carson show us around, Bend actually has a pretty big riding scene and a ton of spots, so we managed to shoot a good variety of DH and DJ in the 3 days we were there.” – TC






“It was great to have Howey and Toby down in Bend. It’s been a while since Howey was here last. We got to shred a few different spots, and even though everything was dry and blown out, we still had a rad time in the dust.” – CS






“Howey absolutely can not shoot guns (laughs). I was very cautious with him holding the 12 gauge. I did a great parental supervision and even had to show him how a safety works. The whole experience was a funny one. We shared laughs and messed around the whole time. Good stuff.” – CS


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Photos by Toby Cowley


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