Disposable Acts w/ Mitch Ropelato

disposable acts
adjective, plural noun
1. a temporary process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.
Welcome to the Ultimate Pumptrack Challenge presented by RockShox at Crankworx Les Gets 2017.
Mitch stays focused before his second run against EWS racer Adrien Dailly.
With a difference of +1.75 seconds over Adrien Dailly, Mitch advanced onto the next round.
Mitch on his nasty crash at Speed & Style and still managing to race the Pumptrack Challenge:I was pretty sore the next morning, but I felt fine. I got pretty lucky to have been uninjured and probably used up one of my 9 lives on that one. I think that people around me were in more shock to see me racing than I was. The worst part about the whole deal was that I called that crash… I told Allen before I went up that if I frontflipped it, I would probably overshoot it to flat.”
Although he didn’t have the best start, Mitch managed to gain speed afterward and advance onto the next round with a difference of +0.52 seconds over Benedikt Last.
Thoughts of Mitch before the Semi-final against Adrien Loron:I couldn’t figure out how to get off the starting gate faster the whole night. So I was basically spending most of my time watching everyone’s gate. I have come to find out that all I needed was a front brake.”
Mitch won the second run against Adrien Loron by +0.38 seconds, but that wasn’t going to be enough to improve his time from the first run, where he was +0.49 seconds slower than Adrien.
After a tight race against Eddie Masters, Mitch managed to take home the Bronze.


Mitch on his third-place finish:Ahhh it’s whatever. I am happy to get a podium. I’ll just work on putting a front brake on and see how we go at the next round. We’re walking and talking and able to make it to Innsbruck so that’s a win in my book.”

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Photos by Héctor Saura


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