BTS: Revel In The Chaos – Brandon Semenuk

Two of the most professional and creative dudes in the MTB industry have created what is possibly the most original film made to date: Revel In The Chaos.

Brandon Semenuk and Rupert Walker spent the last 8 months filming this masterpiece and last week, the wizards of mountain biking shared it with the world through iTunes. My brain melted. I had never seen anything like that before. It is amazing to see Brandon riding in front of Rupert’s lenses. Always one step ahead of everyone else. You might have seen other riders do some of the tricks that he does, but they aren’t as perfect and enjoyable to watch as Brandon’s are.

Here are some behind the scenes’ photos from the making of the film that Brandon and Rupert shared with us.

Sunny (1 of 1)
“Taking in the last few seconds of the setting sun after a productive day in the office.” – B
“I was testing my limits with how high I could get on this jump. Eventually my front wheel called it quits as I landed. Surprisingly rode it out with my front wheel skidding down the landing. This is the aftermath.” – B

RevelNoTuck (1 of 1)

IMG_8092 copy
“5 Guys, 4 Light Kits, 2 Camera Kits, 1 Bike and a shit tons of mountains to hauling it up.” – B
“Looking out on the perfectly watered yard after a night of rain. What dreams are made of.” – B

BrandonYard1 (1 of 1)

b1footcan (1 of 1)

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Photos by Rupert Walker


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