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Print Is Not Dead

A collection of books that showcase the freestyle mountain bike culture and lifestyle

freestyle mountain bike books
At the end of 2015, I felt that I had to do something different with Bicycle Nightmares, besides the web stuff.
Print media has always fascinated me. Without having much knowledge about design, I came up with the idea of wanting to do a book. I wasn’t sure how I was going to put it together, but it became my main focus of 2016. I started to save all my favorite photos from different shoots and trips; collecting them for what would be my first book. After watching a few video tutorials on Adobe, the editing process started, as well as the long sleepless nights.
Once I had figured out the layout, I sourced where to print it. At first, I looked up at different online printing services. But in the end, I decided to print it locally, here in Barcelona. By working directly with the print shop, I was able to touch and see all the different papers and finishes available; have control during the whole process.
freestyle mountain bike books
As the release date was getting closer, my nerves and doubts started to arise. “Who is going to be interested in buying a book? Nobody, or not many people.” I thought, but it’s actually what I wanted to do.
The first book, Everything Is Falling Apart And That’s Alright, came out in December 2016; priced at 26€—like the wheel size of a Dirt Jump bike. The one hundred limited copies were almost sold out in a couple of months. It exceeded all my expectations.
Following the successful outcome and positive feedback, I released a second book in 2017, There Is No Need To Be Afraid Of The Dark. And then in 2018, the third and last one of the series, The Light Is Out There And You Need To Find It.
bicycle nightmares book 1
bicycle nightmares book 2
bicycle nightmares book 3
Each book is comprised of 120 pages with more than 80 photos. The three titles go together and the introductions tell my story in a somewhat cryptic way. They showcase my vision on the freestyle mountain bike culture and lifestyle, featuring some of the best riders in the world in different locations.
To the lucky ones who purchased one of these books, the riders who I worked with and the photographers who contributed with their work: thank you for your support.
— Héctor Saura, founder & creative director of Bicycle Nightmares