Aptos 95003

A 35mm photo gallery about the Post Office Jumps and the local riders of Aptos and Santa Cruz, CA.



Post Office is more than just a riding spot to me, it is a place of freedom and expression. Growing up digging and riding there has made me who I am today. I met all my best friends on those jumps. Riding and digging skills have been passed down through generations of riders, and it is still happening everyday.” – Alex Reveles



“On any given day, you can show up to Post in the evening and the roll-in will be full of kids stoked to be riding bikes. I have been going to Post for 14 years now, and I still get that same anxious/exciting feeling every time I go.” – Alex Reveles


“Post Office is definitely a big part of my life. This place has allowed me to progress to where I am today and meet the friends that I am with almost all the time. It just allows you to have some of the best times of your life with some of the best people that you will never forget. I can’t imagine not being there.” – Owen Marks


“The Post Office jumps are a huge part of the kind of mountain biker that I am. The lifestyle of Post Office was taught to me by some of the best and coolest riders in the world. That lifestyle is a lot more than just riding. It is how you do it, and it is also about pitching in to help create what you want to ride, rather than waiting around for dirt mounds to sprout out of the ground. Digging is heavily enforced at these jumps, and I am really glad about that.” – Ray George



“Aptos and the whole Santa Cruz area feels like home all winter. In the summer it seems like I am hardly in the area, and If I am, it is just to re-coop and get ready for the next adventure. But there is no place like it in the winter. The town is buzzing with people coming in and out to ride, and some of them even help build.” – Jeff Herbertson



“I think it is a mix of things that make me stick around. The community is generally really acceptive of what we are doing.  The dirt is a perfect geological melting pot of sand, clay and decomposed organic that has washed down the valleys on its way to the ocean.  There is motivated and skilled riders and builders that are a constant inspiration no matter your age group or interest. Plus it is fucking beautiful.” – Jeff Herbertson


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Photos by Héctor Saura.

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