After a hectic weekend in Canada for FISE Edmonton, I traveled back to Virgin, UT to spend a couple of days with Reed Boggs and Ethan Nell. I have known these two for a while now, and I knew that we were going to be in for nothing but good times.


Their morning routine was pretty simple: wake up, check Instagram, and get ready to ride. We packed up the bikes and headed out near the old Rampage site, where we stopped at a line of jumps built by Antoine Bizet a few years back. With us was Nicholi Rogatkin and a couple of girls that were just along for the ride.


It was a bit windy but that didn’t stop Reed and Ethan from getting a good session on the jumps. None of them could pass up the opportunity to show off a bit for the two girls sitting on the landing. Ethan put down one of his signature, super clean and stylish 360 Flatspins, while Reed battled back with a stretched out Flip tuck.



The girls felt that in return, and they too had to show off a bit.


After the riding session, we went straight to Sand Hollow Lake for some cliff jumping. Less than a minute after arriving, it was a race to get the shirts and shoes off and send gainers of the cliff into the water.


Once we got tired, it was time to sit down, reflect on the day and enjoy the beautiful views of Utah.


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Photos + Words by Nic Hilton

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