The Deity you see today is about the process of perfecting our craft while stripping all of the limitations away to reveal what Deity is destined to be. We are the reflection of the riders’ style and voice that inspires and propels our sport, and we’ve built Deity on the promise to do what is best for you at all cost.
After 13 years of pushing against the grain and creating something from nothing, Deity has finally arrived. Free from the financial limitations that birthed Deity and armed with our leading technology, product development, and infrastructure, we’ve spent the past 3 years scrutinizing everything we do, completely stripping everything down and rebuilding from the ground up to bring you a smarter, faster, highly refined Deity. The end result is a product line that is 95% brand new and the best work we have done to date.
At the end of the day, we know what separates Deity from the rest and it is our unwillingness to compromise. We believe that the knowledge and integrity that comes from doing things for the right reasons leaves no room for regrets. We take the responsibility of our customer and rider’s experience seriously and are incredibly proud to say that we never sacrifice for the easy outcome and always do it with style.
To truly understand why Deity is so beloved by our supporters you have to believe that it is possible to build something against all odds. To be fearless enough to stand for what you believe in, do it your own way, and be willing to risk it all to succeed. The new Deity is a tribute to all of you, our riders, our customers, and those who have supported us throughout our evolution since 2004. Today is just the beginning of what is the future for Deity.


2017 Deity Components in order of appearance:
— Cryptkeeper frame.
— Blacklabel 800 – 38mm rise handlebar.
— CZ38 Special – 38mm rise, Cam Zink signature handlebar.
— Skyline 787 – 25mm rise handlebar.
— DC31 Mohawk Carbon – 25mm rise handlebar.
— Copperhead 35 stem.
— Bladerunner pedals
— Black Kat pedals
— Helltrack sprocket
— Vendetta 3.0 cranks
— VCR Cr-Mo spindle
— Armada BB kit
— Frisco DJ pivotal saddle
— Speedtrap TI railed saddle
— Pyston pivotal seatpost
— Tibia railed seatpost
— Circuit clamp
— Crown schrader valve caps.
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