The 2016 FEST Series have started with the opening round at CruzFest, California. The local boys Kyle Jameson, R-Dog, Jeff Herb along with some buddies have been digging hard through the winter to have a dialed and bigger course than last year.

Check out the bikes from this year’s CruzFest crew:

Kyle Jameson's Scott Gambler 710.

Kyle Jameson’s Scott Gambler 710.

R-Dog's Trek Session 9.9

R-Dog’s Trek Session 9.9

Dustin Gilding's Transition TR500.

Dustin Gilding’s Transition TR500.

Brendan Howey's Commençal Supreme Park.

Brendan Howey’s Commençal Supreme Park.

Tyler McCaul's GT Fury.

Tyler McCaul’s GT Fury.

Adolf Silva's YT Tues CF Pro.

Adolf Silva’s YT Tues CF Pro.


Andreu Lacondeguy’s YT Tues CF Pro.

Kurt Sorge's Polygon Collosus DH9.

Kurt Sorge’s Polygon Collosus DH9.

Sam Reynold's Polygon Collosus DH9.

Sam Reynold’s Polygon Collosus DH9.

Dusty Wygle's Giant Glory 0.

Dusty Wygle’s Giant Glory 0.

Randy Spangler's Giant Glory Advanced 0.

Randy Spangler’s Giant Glory Advanced 0.

Jordie Lunn's Rocky Mountain Maiden Unlimited.

Jordie Lunn’s Rocky Mountain Maiden Unlimited.

Ethan Nell's Knolly Podium.

Ethan Nell’s Knolly Podium.

Makken's Trek Session 9.9

Makken’s Trek Session 9.9

Graham Agassiz's Kona Supreme Operator.

Graham Agassiz’s Kona Supreme Operator.

Nico Vink's Scott Gambler 710.

Nico Vink’s Scott Gambler 710.

Kyle Strait's Commençal Supreme Park.

Kyle Strait’s Commençal Supreme Park.

Flying Hawaiian's YT Tues CF Pro.

Damon Iwanaga’s YT Tues CF Pro.

Ray George's Dark Industries Kanye X0.

Ray George’s Dark Industries Kanye X0.

Brandon Semenuk's Trek Session 9.9

Brandon Semenuk’s Trek Session 9.9

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Photos by Héctor Saura

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